Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stitchers on the loose...

Wednesday we moved on to the fascinating world of cross-stitch. It was a bit demoralizing to spend over an hour and a half working, and only have this to show for it:

Yes, that is a quarter shown for scale. We spent the rest of the afternoon working on a small flower pattern. There just aren't a whole lot of ways to change up a set flower pattern in cross-stitch. Especially when we were reminded that "leaves are usually green" and to use realistic color combinations. Since flowers made out of little x's are realistic, no? And the little butterfly hovering nearby appears to be leaving a trail of poo as it flies.

Last night was a little more interesting, though: we crashed a knitting group at a local Barnes and Noble. It was a hoot! It was a decent-sized group of regulars, and they didn't seem to mind our joining them at all. In fact, they just kept asking us questions all night! They wanted to know all about the PiPN program, and where we were from, and where our internships were, and what we all did... it was pretty entertaining for all of us. We all had to make all of the various connections - who's on Ravelry, what everyone knits, and of course the requisite small-world moments that just make you shake your head in amazement. Two of the women in the group had graduated from Akron with Home Ec degrees; the had been one of the first classes in the building that we are in now; apparently, the sewing room still has the same chairs, which one of the professors confirmed today. Our group got more than a few amused stares; one guy even asked if he could take a picture to send to his friend who belonged to a knitting group at his college.

Today we moved on to embroidery. Finally! Something that can handle a little creativity...and has more than one basic stitch. We learned a handful of basic stitches in the morning, then in the afternoon the teacher let us loose with a basic pattern design and about a zillion different stitch ideas. Everyone in class was relieved to have moved on to something less regimented and more interesting and creative than the previous assignments. This afternoon's movie was How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It was cute but earlier this week we watched 27 Dresses, and I think I am chick-flicked out for a while.

Tomorrow - field trip! We are going to visit two (kind of) local needlepoint and yarn shops, then the embroidery exhibit at Kent State, and then Stan Hywet Hall for their needlework guild display. We all asked if we could get extra credit by working on our needlework on the bus. :-)


At 10:45 PM, Blogger thespinninghand said...

I love your description of the cross stitch. "Leaving a trail of poo..." very apt!


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