Thursday, June 25, 2009

Postcard from Penland

Penland is awesome. It is absolutely beautiful up in the mountains here, and for the most part it has been warm and sunny. Basically, why I love this place: the first night I was here, we had an absolute deluge start before dinner. About halfway through dinner, it stopped raining on one side of the building and the sun came out, but it was still raining on the other side of the building. So, of course, EVERYONE gets up to go look for the rainbow. There were actually two, it was pretty spectacular. So far everyone I've met has been nice, and my class is crazy in a good way. I'm taking a class called Couture in Context, and basically we are making a mixed-media sculpture based on the dress. We're working on using non-fabric and non-traditional materials to emulate fabric as well as send a message. Kind of like unwearable wearable art.

I miss all of the PiPN girls, though! My class here is so small; there's none of the absolute and utter silliness we dissolved into over the last week, not to mention the hilarious (and ludicrous) conversations. I keep waiting for someone to say "...that's what SHE said!" I am not missing the endless stream of period movies and the accompanying lectures, though. I hope everyone's internships are going well! Here's everyone dressed up and gorgeous at dinner in Columbus at TNNA. Miss you all...


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