Thursday, July 23, 2009

Believe it or not, I have actually been doing some knitting, when I haven't been doing internship stuff... yeah, who am I kidding, my life here isn't terribly exciting.

I'm working on a pair of socks for my sister: the yarn is Arucania Ranco, color 101, a really pretty variegated light purple; the pattern is my own. I got up to the heel turn on these this past Tuesday at the Cleveland SNB, but haven't touched them since.

I've bound off the hem of a sweater I'm making; I've been putting this off for ages since I cast on at the neck using the tubular cast on, and needed to have the hem match. I ended up using this tutorial. I also tried using this method for the kitchener stitch at the end; in theory, it works really well, and makes more sense in my brain since I'm not doing all of the motions in reverse the way you do for normal (with a needle) kitchener. However. This method does not work well for anything with a larger circumference than a sock. The long yarn tail kept getting snarled and knotted, and it completely untwisted itself. The yarn is a bulky cotton blend, and the sweater is a top-down raglan with different cables on the front and back.

Also, in the Murphy's Law category, we decided yesterday that today would be a work-at-home day, so of course it would also be the day my roommate started working from home. He works on a customer service line, so he is basically on the phone ALL DAY LONG. I changed out of my pajamas and went in to the studio to work. Is it bad that the sounds of construction right outside the door bother me less than nonstop (loud) one-sided conversations?


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