Sunday, August 16, 2009

This weekend...

My sister and I...

...spent the weekend in Brookville (PA)...

...with our Grandma.

(This is an old picture, no one else was around this weekend to take a new one.)
We had a great time. Grandma is 88, still lives in her own house, and insisted on cooking all three of the meals we had there. Actually, she stuffed us to the bursting point with really good food. And wouldn't let us do dishes.

She's on oxygen all the time, so she's not up for going out much, so we sat around and she told us stories about when she was growing up, among other things. It's amazing what kinds of interesting stories never get completely passed down, and what people assume isn't interesting to others. Apparently, I come by my love of fashion honestly - grandma loved clothes, and apparently was a bit of a trendsetter. She had a bikini back when they were brand new and more than a bit risque! She loved new American female designers, and had clothes by Bonnie Cashin, Anne Fogarty, and Lilly Pulitzer. Oh, and she graduated from Parsons (really good design school in NY) from their interior design program in the early 40's.

She's pretty cool, and it was fun to spend some time with her. She's our last living grandparent, actually the last of that entire generation in our family. (She had 3 sisters and a sister-in-law, most of whom were also pretty cool ladies.) It's really nice to have this chance to spend time with her and get to know her as an adult before she dies. Hopefully she'll be around for a while longer!


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